Dorcas Centre, Burkina Faso

The-Dorcas-Centre-visual-identity-Burkina-Faso The-Dorcas-Centre-visual-identity-Burkina-Faso1 The-Dorcas-Centre-visual-identity-Burkina-Faso2 The-Dorcas-Centre-visual-identity-Burkina-Faso3 The-Dorcas-Centre-visual-identity-Burkina-Faso5 The-Dorcas-Centre-visual-identity-Burkina-Faso6 The-Dorcas-Centre-visual-identity-Burkina-Faso7 The-Dorcas-Centre-visual-identity-Burkina-Faso8 The-Dorcas-Centre-visual-identity-Burkina-Faso9


With a sincere passion for all things African, especially our aesthetic and how it translates visually across the continent. It was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon the visual design and identity for the Dorcas centre, Burkina Faso. Designed by London branding agency Confederation, the identity seeks its inspiration from West African traditional Burkina Faso tribal pattern, Gourounsi The patterns which make up most of the identity originate from the traditional paintwork which are found on many of the houses around the city.  

The contemporary black and white traditional pattern was applied to various applications, such as printed and digital material. As a lover of all things pattern, tribal, and African, this identity was a pleasant surprise and a contemporary spin on what could have easily become overtly tribal and obvious for the educational facility. 


Photo’s courtesy of Confederation)

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