“Love You” Illustrations Series by Jamilla Okubo

Love-You-Illustrations-Jamilla-Okubo-openLove-You-Illustrations-Jamilla-Okubo-02-1 Love-You-Illustrations-Jamilla-Okubo-02 Love-You-Illustrations-Jamilla-Okubo-03 Love-You-Illustrations-Jamilla-Okubo-04 Love-You-Illustrations-Jamilla-Okubo-05 Love-You-Illustrations-Jamilla-Okubo-06 Love-You-Illustrations-Jamilla-Okubo-07 Love-You-Illustrations-Jamilla-Okubo-08 Love-You-Illustrations-Jamilla-Okubo-09


Jamilla Okubo is one of the illustrators and artists featured on the ‘Girl Effect Live Festival’ aimed to end poverty for girls and young women all over the world. Her art will be featured at The Dray Walker Gallery off Brixton Lane in London! Jamilla is an aspiring artist and textile designer and currently a student at the prestigious Parsons university, Newyork.


For more information on Jamilla, check out her work here

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(Photo’s courtesy of Jamilla Okobo)
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