Da Derma, Marrakech

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7a27aafb0741d7a84a0f086b4baf4e8dThe Da Darma hotel in Marrakech, Morroco looks like a dream, it has immediately been placed on list of the must visit trips for 2015.

 Dar Darma,  a riad hotel  is a sixty roomed purposefully designed hotel  with hints of contemporary classic style. There are ornate carved doors to fine woodwork to the lush velvet textures of the furniture, It is evident the Dar Darma is unflinching in its pursuit of opulence. The spaces are suitably dramatic and the suites and apartments are unforgettably luxe.

There are different suites within the hotel with colour coordinated interiors. The heavy romantic interiors with dark walls may not before everyone, but the Eastern influence is evident with contemporary British touches. We love North African design and the style and use of materiality and texture and colour palette especially, it is a perspective of the continent that is equally relevant though the general perception of African Art is only represented by Tribal and pattern designs.

(Photo’s courtesy of Da Derma)

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