Ablade Glover at the October Gallery

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Ablade Glover – 3rd July – 2nd August

The October Gallery, London is currently hosting the Ablade Glover exhibition on the occasion of his 80th birthday, October Gallery   currently presents an exhibition of paintings by Glover, celebrating a lifelong passion for the colour, energy and vibrancy of his native country Ghana.

The exhibition has a selection of his recent works which ‘represent his insatiable passion for movement, activity and colour’. Glover uses a, a palette knife for his works with a distinct use of layers of bright colours invoke bustling crowds, heat, thriving market stalls and dusty shanty towns. Individual figures emerge from the crowds and it is this endless movement of people which underpins Glover’s market scenes.  ‘The roughly textured surfaces of his canvases recall an earth parched by a powerful African sun‘.

Distinguished for his use of vibrant colours expressing the visual richness of the African continent, Glover’s paintings  are known to demonstrate energy from his subjects. There is a vitality and sense of life from every stroke or flick of paint on his art forms. Glover draws his themes from his environments. Often his forms begin from a hight vantage point overlooking the town, beach, market or city. The viewer looks at the painting like a captivated onlooker.

Glover’s choice of subject colour and style have become instrumental to his clear success as a multitalented artist.

It is important to highlight that Glover was born in Accra  in 1934, he is poignant to the Ghana’s contemporary art scene as both Founder and Director of the internationally acclaimed Artists Alliance Gallery. Trained in Ghana, Britain and the United States, Dr. Glover has accumulated a number of distinctions, which underline his significance as an an African Art master of the 21st century.

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(Photo’s courtesy of the October Gallery)

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