Dar HI Hotel, Tunisia

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The beautiful Darhi Hotel was completed by French designer Matali Crasset. The hotel is located in Nefta where bedrooms are located in eight individual towers overlooking the Tunisian desert.

The hotel is intentionally laid out lie a village where Matali Crasset created an ecological house in the Tunisian desert. After successfully designing  the HI hotel in Nice France, the clients sought Crasser for the Dar HI in Nefta. The hotel is the  fruit of the collaboration between Matali Crasset, Patrick Elouarghi and Philippe Chapelet with a new concept of an eco-retreat on the continent. Matali’s concept for a wellness resort was one that has been successfully implemented into the Nefta surroundings making the resort like a small village. Protected by surroundings walls you find a composition of elevated houses that constitute the Dar HI as a small village. The overall architectural goal was to give a strong proposition while in harmony with the natural site and the local life.

 “Dar HI is not a hotel nor a classical SPA but more a place where you can experience withdrawal and benefit from a spiritual thalassotherapy a few hours away from Paris and in the middle of the desert”, explains Patrick Elouarghi.

We have recently been collating lists of places to visit on the continent and Tunisia is a definite must. Learning about the continent has become one of the most fulfilling aspects of the blog and there are many gems to see and it seems the journey has just begun.

(Photo’s courtesy of  Dezeen)

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