Benon Lutaaya

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I came across the work of talented South African artist  Benon Lutaaya whilst doing some research on African collage art. Benon uses mixed media to convey his works and there appears to be an emotional story conveyed from all his paintings. The used of layering and collage helps Benon to illustrate and convey the fragility  of life and human emotions. Having dome further research on him he notes that all work have been captured from his own personal life experiences.

He says he tries to ‘find expression for emotions shared by many, especially those living on the fringes of the mainstream society’.

Lutaaya’s art is predominantly paper collage and mixed media paintings, where he aims to ‘mix paint with vision, collage with story, and text with meditation’. The result is a fusion of colour, layered imagery and an emotive experience, yet retaining simplicity and an innocence with the finished work .

Lutaaya also plays with light and texture uses textures to create an almost three-dimensional effect for his final artwork as well as the use of colour. We are loving his style and his subjects, there is a simplicity and an energy evoked from his works and from the information gathered, his works are still evolving and there are more styles to come.

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(Photo’s courtesy of Benon Lutaya)

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One thought on “Benon Lutaaya

  1. Beautiful artwork. It’s always great to know artists and their works. I would like to invite you to have a look at my art work and poetry when you have a moment. It’s always good to connect and share. God bless you

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