Designer & Artist Renée Rossouw








We came across the work of Renée Rossouw via twitter and got excited about her prints, probably due to the fact that she has an African influence mixed with geometric patterns. Renee is an architect with super African design and architecture firm SAOTA, whom have been featured on the blog many times. Their sleek designs and African locations have defined and changed the perception about luxury residential builds on the continent as they are renowned for contemporary spaces.

Renee’s designs and creates graphics and colorful patterns that can and have been applied to many mediums from ceramics to wallpaper and vases, she aims to create work that demonstrates an African aesthetic.

It is interesting to note that Renee seeks some of her inspiration from vernacular African architecture and it is evident in the various patterns and forms in her work. Her patterns and prints are on the rise as she recently had her first solo exhibition and is currently collaborating with diverse artists and makers to bring her patterns and graphics to life.

We love the fact that her works are African, geometric, colourful, playful and bright and bold pattern and prints. This makes for a strong aesthetic on her work and how it is successfully translated into diverse mediums.

Follow her work via Facebook and visit her site.

(Photos courtesy of Renée Rossouw studio)

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