Coming back with a bang!!!!!

aratuntun identoty

Hey all,

A very big hey to all the readers, supporters friends of the blog. It has been a full year since we last blogged and it was for many reasons. Firstly, the workload of managing the blog, studying, moving countries made it quite difficult to keep up the blog. It was a hectic year but thankfully we are back and really excited to keep the vision alive.

Whilst we did not blog it was a time to reflect, think and strategise on the purpose and vision for Aràtuntun, It has been a joy to work on the blog as a side project and it began to grow and gain momentum, open doors one could never have expected. We have a profound passion for all things design and architecture related and this is one of the many outlets to express our passions. We considered stopping the blog and forgetting it ever began, but over the course of the year, We were contacted and met many people who read the blog and identified with the vision and this stirred a desire and zeal to do better, aim higher and take this to an even bigger and better place.

With this in mind, The blog will be relaunching soon with the same vision, new perspective, bigger and better ideas and excitement to keep you the reader in the know with all things related to African design, we will be doing more interviews. There are features lined up on the blog al ready and collaborations with some of the amazing people I have met along the way.

Please stay tuned! The journey has only begun. There will be weekly updates and posts for the next few weeks until the main site is up and running. Check us out on all social media.

We are on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook

Thank you for your support and keep coming back, leave comments also. We really love hearing from you.


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