Comfort and Samuel

Comfort & Samuel provides modern home interiors inspired by heritage African textiles.

The African continent is home to a wide selection of fabrics of distinctive design – from Yoruba Adire Eleko (handmade tie-and-dye) to East African Kanga prints and Guinea Brocade used across West Africa; the African continent has a strong textile culture. Over time, “foreign” fabrics have also been absorbed by cultures across the continent – the George of the Igbos has been adapted from Indian saris, Austrian and Swiss laces used in traditional attire for formal occasions, and Dutch wax prints having become synonymous with African style.

Comfort & Samuel celebrates Africa’s varied textile culture, interpreting these fabrics for use in the home in a fresh and unexpected way. We hope you will find a special corner of your home for Comfort & Samuel. I beam with pride when I see how creative and business savvy Africans are. The last decade has seen an emergence of a fusion of textiles into various forms such as furniture, shoes, bags, cards. The possibilities of our fabrics and materials are endless and am glad this is finally being embraced in the mainstream world.

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(Photo courtesy of Comfort and Samuel)

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