Bibi Invitation’s Haute Couture

Bibi Invitations is the brain child of 3 female Nigerian entrepreneurs that made a decision to create a collection of wedding invitations that was a reflection of our bold an effervescent nature as Africans.

With love for sumptuous African fabrics such as Aso Oke, Kente, Akwete, Ankara, Bògòlanfini (Mud cloth) The concept has evolved to the creation of our exquisite collection of invitations. They offer 3 magnificent collections Okin Signature Collection: haute couture luxury African wedding invitations.

Ifeoma Collection: Bright and bold wedding card collection! In this collection you will find the classic mix and match dutch wax inspired prints.
Abena Collection: Our stylishly affordable African wedding invitations. In this collection you will find, layered wedding invitations and flat wedding invitations flat print on professional press.

I love all things crafty and when you merge African fabrics with handmade cards, you have a recipe for stunning artistry and beautiful invitations. The colours and patterns are vibrant and get you excited about the ceremony or event before the date. Great concept and beautiful cards.

Support us by liking our Facebook and Tumblr Page. We want to keep this network growing!

(Photo courtesy of Bibi invitations)

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