Primary School, Gando by Kere Architecture

The Primary school in Gando, Burkina Faso was designed by Francis Kere of Kere Architecture, a Berlin trained architect. It was the first building completed while the architect was still studying.

To achieve sustainability, the project was based on the principles of designing for climatic comfort with low-cost construction, making the most of local materials and the potential of the local community, and adapting technology from the industrialized world in a simple way. It set a precedent that would raise awareness in the local community of the merits of traditional materials.

The biggest challenge was how to explain the design and drawings to people who can neither read nor write. This Problem accompanies the architect the whole time during his entire Projectime in Burkina Faso.

(Photo’s courtesy of Kere Architecture)

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One thought on “Primary School, Gando by Kere Architecture

  1. Climatic comfort… I love this idea…

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