Readers, Stumblers, Followers, Thank you!

Thank you for supporting my blog. The concept for this blog birthed as a result of not finding the best and up and coming Designers & Architects are in Africa and diaspora. Africa as a whole is a continent I’m so passionate about and Design and Architecture what i live and breathe daily and together it serves as a recipe for creativity, talent and success.

There is still so much untapped potential for the world to see and this blog is a snippet of greater things to come. This blog defeats every stereotype you may have about the continent. We intend to showcase and promote Africa and Africans in diaspora, the great potential our designers and designs have and the melting pot the African continent is.

Do like our facebook page. The blog will be expanding, rebranding and pursuing greater heights in the nearer future. Thank you for your continual support and keep reading.


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One thought on “Readers, Stumblers, Followers, Thank you!

  1. Love your blog. It’s good to always re-invent yourself so looking forward to the new look

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