‘Aburi Collection’ by Eva Sonaike

Eva Sonaike introduces the ‘Aburi’ collection, featuring for the first time Sonaike’s own textile designs. Embracing the onset of a glorious new season with a new motto ‘Bringing Colour to Life’

In line with her ‘Aburi’ cushion collection, Eva Sonaike now adds matching shopper bags and notebooks to the theme.

The collection captures the calm and tropical feel of the Aburi botanical gardens, one of the most peaceful and fascinating places in Ghana.The mixture of indigenous and exotic plants are reflected in the collection, which is dominated by a vibrant and colorful palette of lush green, warm fuchsia, bright yellow, sea blue and royal purple.

The ‘Aburi’ design heads the collection with its classic palm designs set against a yellow batik-style background;‘Okan’ is a heart-shaped pink flower petal on a bright green batik background; the striking ‘Ona’ design continues the botanical trend with a maze-shaped design in pink, orange and burgundy, ‘Ijoba’ features a three-tone blue petal design, whilst ‘Wewe’ is a purple banana leaf print on a banana shaped background.

“Bold, vibrant and tropical, it invites us to escape to a lush, warm and exotic place, where colour is at the core”

What i love about her pieces are how they are able to translate so well in any space, her cushions can make any dull space bright and colourful. The african influence is dominant and i can see this in an interior in Lagos and a resort in the South of France. I wish her all the success she is currently receiving. It’s great to see people of African descent translating every day African textures & fabrics into a lucrative business thus creating for themselves a niche and a brand in the design business. Eva Sonaike’s designs are most definitely on the rise.

( Photo’s courtesy of Eva Sonaike)

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