Comic art

Kenyan creative Chief Nyamweya web comic series ‘Emergency’ is currently making waves in the African digital art scene. His comic series tells the history of Kenyan history. The web comic is set in during the period of the declaration of a state of emergency in Kenya during the colonial era. The story particularly focuses on Dedan Kimathi one of Kenya’s freedom fighters. Clearly he’s passionate about Kenyan history to have picked such a topic as his inspiration. Earlier this year he did an interview with African Digital Art about the state of Digital Art in Africa. His art work is definitely exciting and I believe he has so much to offer the African digital art world. He also has a monthly Noir comic “ROBA” in UP Magazine.
Check out his facebook page here

(Photo’s courtesy of Chief Nyamweya)

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One thought on “Comic art

  1. Its good to know that African arts is growing. I wish to commend you on your contributions. We would wish to draw your attention to our own effort on African comics

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