Featured Designer: Jepchumba African Digital Art

Jepchumba is the brains behind the very successful African Digital Art. She is a self confessed digital enthusiast, forward thinker and self proclaimed mad scientist.

Her deep interest in digital media has enabled her to create African Digitial art. Her second love is for Africa. Although born in Arizona to Kenyan parents, She has lived in Kenya, India, Djibouti, Tanzania, United States and now the UK. With a Masters degree in Digital Media, she has have a deep interest in media education and says she is “constantly assessing the way we read images and text”.
Her site African Digital Art has served as a great platform to promote up and coming designers in Africa and diaspora and also web design and to create a community of digital artists all over the world.

As she is constantly searching for the inspiration in digital media. She loves experimenting with motion, sound and various digital effects and techniques. The reason why she is so passionate about Digital Media is mainly due to the fact she has an entire laboratory at the touch of her fingertips.

She is definitely representing Africans and Africa in such a great light. She typifies what this blog is all about and what I’m trying to promote.

Check out her awesome website: http://jepchumba.com.

(Photo’s courtesy of Jepchumba)

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