Tiffany Amber, Lagos Nigeria

Tiffany Amber is one of the most successful design brands in Nigeria and Africa. The brand recently solidified its status as one of the best fashion labels in the continent by winning the Arise Designer of the year 2009. The Interior of her flagship store in Lagos, Nigeria is a palette of pastel colours that serve as a backdrop for her stunning pieces.

I think its great that the interior is so simple, the light walls and floor make the clothes the immediate focal point in the space. For a customer entering the space, the clothes will immediately lure you whilst still appreciating the very minimalist interior. Fabulous clothes! lovely interior also!!! what more could a girl ask for!!!!

(Photos courtesy of Tiffany Amber)

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2 thoughts on “Tiffany Amber, Lagos Nigeria

  1. Bose Adefioye on said:

    Lovely interiors indeed, such talent in Africa. Love the Blog, keep it up !!!

  2. sorry! dont understand what you meant, reply on what? and what link

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